Knowing your real assets

Can you tell me what’s your most valuable asset?
Let me guess…
Your house.
Your car.
Your diamond necklace.
The data in your hard disk etc.
But there’s one asset that’s more valuable to you than all of these assets. It’s so valuable that none of these assets can be of any use if it’s not there.
Can you guess that asset?
It’s none other than your body. Compared to your body all of your possessions are worthless. The problem is most of the people I’ve seen treat their cars as if they are their sine qua non. They polish them, regularly change engine oil, fuel them with the best of fuels but treat their bodies as if they’re trash.
Remember if your car breaks down or gets trashed, you can get another one or ride the bus. If your house get destroyed, you can always find a shelter or can live with your parents or relatives. But if your body breaks down, you have no other option, other than going to the graveyard.Treat your body as your most precious asset and #FeelHearty

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