Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and the Latest Findings

A while back I was skeptical of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Traditional Chinese Medicine or TCM is based upon the concept that there are different pathways on our bodies called meridians through which energy flows to different parts of the body such as limbs and organs.

What happened was that the skin of one of my hands got burnt pretty severely. Though the burn was just skin deep and my tendons and tissues were intact I still couldn’t move that hand or fingers. I felt as if somehow the life energy has been sucked out of that hand. The internal blood flow was there, then how come the hand and fingers became unmovable? That hand gradually regained strength and now it’s perfectly well.

Now when I look back on that incident I can relate that there is something more other than blood and oxygen that keeps our body functioning. And without that “something more” we cannot move our limbs, and our organs can’t function. It is precisely that “something more” I’m going to talk about in this post.

TCM calls that “something more” chi (pronounce chee) – an energy that flows through our body and makes it functional. Medical science in my opinion is too primitive even at this time to recognize this energy. All it entails is that we are mechanical beings and by mechanically treating our bodies through pills it claims to cure us.

Dr. Bradley Nelson is one of the unique Western doctors of alternative medicine who recognizes this type of energy and treats the chi imbalances in the body through the use of magnets. As per his research, our emotions are also a type of chi – a proposition set forth by Chinese medicine experts centuries ago.

I read his book “The Emotion Code” years ago and found it to be extremely useful. I few days ago I watched this video:

I was pleasantly surprised to know that now he has published another book “The Body Code” supplementing his previous work. In this book, he has got a “Body Code Map.” This map defines six different kinds of imbalances in the body which cause all sorts of diseases and pains. These imbalances include:

  • Pathogens – like viruses, bacteria, or parasites.
  • Energies – like trapped emotions, traumas.
  • Misalignments – like tissues and bones.
  • Circuits and Systems – connections between the spirit and the physical body, glands, and organs.
  • Toxins – like poisons, GMOs.
  • Nutrition – minerals, vitamin deficiencies.

Also with regards to TCM each body organ relates to a particular emotion for instance:

  • Liver is associated with anger.
  • Kidney with fear.
  • Heart with love, joy, and happiness.
  • Lung with sadness and grief.
  • Spleen with worry.

Hopefully, in my upcoming posts, I will be able to shed more light on TCM.

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