Can We Buy Happiness?

It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.

~ Charles Spurgeon

Have you ever felt as if nothing ever suffice for us to be contented? We always long for something more, even though what we had is already enough. We work very hard to earn money, and we use the money to buy something that can only make us happy for a short period of time. And we will crave for more. However, life is not all about earning a fortune; it is about how we appreciate and enjoy the life given to us.

After college, we usually apply for a job immediately. Work for over 40 hours a week; sometime, taking some overtime for additional cash. Our schedule generally will be full, to the point that we cannot find time to spend afternoons with our family. Once home, our body aches for rest. Then, we will wake up and go to work. It is a never-ending cycle. We exhaust ourselves and never felt hearty once.

At a very young age, we were modified to think that what we need in life is to have tons of fortune for us to be happy. Our mind is determined that we need to work for money. But little did we know that we are throwing our youth and life away for money that will be spent in no time. Do you remember when was the last time you ate with your family while talking about what happened at work or school? The last time you checked up on your parents, or cooked for them? What about the last time you played with your kids, or read them to sleep?

There are times that we have taken what we already have for granted. We are sitting in the living room with our family, but our eyes are glued on our smartphones. We are having a fun afternoon splashing one another at the pool, but our eyes are focused on the screen while we are taking a video of the happenings. Instead of eating at home, we chose to spend our nights out with friends, eating and drinking.

We will realize it too late. We have wasted tons of time in something that is temporary. That’s how the world is running around right now. We were fooled that these things can make us happy. Little did we know that true happiness can only be achieved if we realized that what we have is already enough. Once you do, you will never look for something more, and will start feeling hearty.

Life is not about wealth and fortune. It’s not even about money. It is about how much we enjoy living our life, with out family and friends. We are very young to lose the chance of enjoying the life that was given to us. Even though we need to work in order to survive, let’s not make it the center of our lives. We do not need to have luxurious possessions for us to be happy. All of these will wither and lose its value. But our relationship with the people around us will last a lifetime.

Enjoy living life to the fullest while taking one step at a time, and #FeelHearty!

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