Find your comfort zone and see that value of it.

One of the most dangerous addictions in a man’s life is an addiction to comfort.

What if you’ve got $22 million with you, how would you spend that money?

I really can’t say anything about you but I can tell you about Elon Musk, how he spent it.

Musk got $22 million (before tax) out of selling his company Zip2 to Compaq. Out of that money, he invested $12 million into a new venture

 and was left with just $4 million (after taxes) for personal use.

 eventually became Paypal and Musk formed several new businesses including SpaceX, Tesla Motors, Solar City etc.

Currently Musk’s net worth is $12.7 billion. Had he not taken that risk by investing so much money on a new venture, he wouldn’t have gotten that far.

Why some people get so successful like Musk? It’s because of one thing: they move toward what makes them feel more alive, rather than what makes them feel more comfortable.

Once you leave your comfort zone, you’ll find your purpose #FeelHearty

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