Let’s relax and #FeelHearty

One of the biggest drawbacks of modern lifestyles and job routines is a struggle and hard work. With struggle comes tension and anxiety.

Just think about the pre-internet, pre-television and pre-phone times. It’s not more than 100 years ago. Life used to be very relaxed and calm.

Just go deep inside you and think deeply. Is working hard really working for you?

The truth of the matter is that working hard does not work well for most of us. The majority of us who try hard to improve our lives still don’t get what we really want.

It’s only by allowing ourselves to relax, we begin to naturally fall into a state of subtle gratitude and humility. In this subtle state of peaceful resignation from the struggle where we are not in need to do anything, we fall in a state called natural wealth. It’s just like being a retired billionaire, who has everything in life.

It’s only through relaxation we become capable of receiving what we desire.

Let’s relax and #FeelHearty

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