My 30-day Challenge of Daily Exercise during Ramadan and Pandemic

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Typically, because of the festive eating during the month of Ramadan every year, I usually weigh 5 kilograms more than my previous weight. So, to feel hearty, I came up with a special 30-day challenge while we stay at home because of the pandemic. I exercised every evening, and watched what I eat during iftaar (breakfast) and suhor (supper).

During the challenge, I usually exercised for an hour and a half, and take note of my food intake. During Day 2, Auriel Mepham a friend, a doctor, coach and renowned UK athlete suggested that I should try no dense carb for breakfast, and it made me feel hearty.

Day 7. I spent an hour walking outside. It’s just a week but I was feeling great as the scale showed positive result despite of the sumptuous breakfast I had. I felt blessed as well because of the motivation coming from my family and friends. They kept me moving forward in maintaining positive outlook regarding health, happiness, and wellness.

Aureil also advised me to stay hydrated all throughout the challenge. Since there’s a limited window time for eating when you are doing intermittent fasting, my consumption of water drops a lot. That is why I always kept 2 1.5 bottles of water on my desk to remind me that I must try finishing them every day to feel hearty.

Usually, I do my exercise at night time. But on Day 11, I tried a different approach by exercising before sunset. The breeze is refreshing.

Day 13. Although my mind and body say, “Rest Day,” I focused on my commitment and challenge.  I figured out a way to somewhat relax my mind and soul while keeping the promise, so I tried yoga for 45 minutes. After finishing, it feels as if my body needed this stretching and made me feeling hearty.

I kept up with my exercise: walking and cycling. On 14th day, I almost forgot to wear my mask, so I went back home and get one. It resulted to a somewhat refreshing walk outside under the moonlight.

Day 20. I was feeling low and tired earlier in the day. I was thinking to give my mind and body a complete rest. When I picked up my phone, I saw a notification from my good friend Pankaj Rai Madhra not to give up and continue. So, in order to keep the commitment going, I went out for a 2-hour walk and it is uplifting. I was talking with my family and friends while I am out on my nightly walks.

Day 26. Happiness is when your doctor called you and told you that all your test reports are within the normal range. It is just day 26. Consistency is the key of progress.

Overall, it was a successful 30-day challenge. I reduced 3kg during the month but my #feelinghearty feeling says I have actually lost 8kg compared to previous years as I enjoyed all types of meals, especially freshly baked cakes and croissants by Aisha and savory Pakoras every day (in limited quantity of course..).

The best result is that my blood sugar levels have been consistently in normal range.

I may have thought of giving up along the way, but because of the support and motivation I have receive from my family and friends throughout this challenge, I was able to finish this 30-day challenge. It made me feel healthy all the time. So, remember, do not give up and be consistent in your goals. Keep safe and #feelhearty.

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