A Polite Request

Let me share my views about video sharing on social media these days. I have noticed huge increase in number of videos being shared on whatsapp and Facebook. I have on average 10 videos shared by close friends each day and on average 15 to 20 videos shared on each busy whatsapp group in my circle. I got an iPhone with 64gb memory but I started running out of storage on my phone. I got another phone and requested busy whatsapp groups to add the other phone. But still every few days I am still running out of storage on my phone and in order to Free storage I have to delete atleast 200 to 400 videos.

Let me be clear, the problem here is not storage, I can find a technical solution very easily. The problem is it has made me realize these video sharing is turning into a denial of service attack on human life. Think about it if I am reviewing only 10 videos average from 10 close friends and whatsapp groups, that’s 100 videos in a day times on average 5 minutes video. That’s 400 to 500 minutes. It means I am at least wasting 3 to 4 hours each day reviewing / sharing these videos. This is a gross loss of productivity and creative or quality time with family or friends. If you really like or love or care about your friends, please pick up the phone and talk to him / her for few minutes rather than blind forward of any videos.

My suggestion to my friends is to choose only one video in a day that they found most interesting or meaningful in a day, then to share with only selected people / group to whom it would matter most. Please respect your own time and time of others if you care about them. Else you are just being a victim and part of a sort of denial of service social attack!

And please a big No to any riddle solving or personality tests on fb. Go see a professional if you are keen to find out the truth.


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