The body never lies

Are you sure you command your body? Most people will say yes. Most people will say their body does exactly what they command it to do. When I ask my body to drive my car, it drives. When I ask my body to eat, drink or even make tea, it does everything like a very obedient servant.

Are you sure you fully control your emotions over your body? Are you sure you can hide your internal emotions of anger/hate/envy and present happiness/love/kindness from your body expressions? If you can, you deserve to be the top-level movie actor. Most normal people can’t do it.

The truth is your body speaks its own language – the language of truth and you cannot over-ride it, even if you want to. Your body knows better than you what is right and what is wrong for you, provided you can listen to your body.

Your body is always true – learn to listen to your body and #FeelHearty

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