Participation in Epic Diabetes Grand Tour

Participation in Epic Diabetes Grand Tour

healthy muscleI successfully completed epic ride in famous Diabetes Grand Tour from Barcelona to Vienna covering a distance of over 2300kms including climbing of 33000 through highest of European roads in Alps and Dolomites.

It was a great experience as I was part of Team Blood Glucose, a not for profit organization, involved in spreading awareness and education about diabetes. I felt good as I was part of a leading research by Imperial College of London Doctors about Diabetes and its management for long term endurance events.

During the 15 day riding in the tour, I transformed 8 kgs of fat into healthy muscle and lost 3 kgs of net fat from my body.


Participation in Epic Diabetes Grand TourParticipation in Grand Tour for Epic Diabetes


Here is a collection of videos found on Youtube about this tour..


Team Blood Glucose Video Uncut 10 minutes.



Team Blood Glucose Video – 4 mins


Daman Active Life Video about my participation


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